27th Sep 2016

Money for nothin’ and your Facebook for free

The title might be some poor paraphrasing of the Dire Straits song but it immediately springs to mind each time I read or hear of people […]
31st May 2013

Are you being ‘Liked’ into Oblivion?

‘What gets measured gets managed’ has been drummed into managers for ages so we have invented a whole new level of statistics, metrics, indicators or whatever […]
27th May 2013

What the Facebook are they doing?

Do you remember life before cell phones, sliced bread and a Big Mac Burger? Maybe you do but in 2013 we find it hard to imagine […]
15th May 2013

Facebook Links

As a social media practitioner I get paid money to share my knowledge through training, coaching and implementation of strategies and plans.  Like most knowledge it […]