During a survey in 2012 it was established that there are around 180 active Facebook users in Pofadder!  If you thought that was impressive, around 20% of the South African population own a Smartphone and 4,500,000 access their Facebook accounts via a mobile device.

So if you are sitting there thinking about upgrading your website, making your Facebook Page more vibrant and engaging and of course setting up a whole e-commerce system are you making these decisions by looking at a desktop screen or how it is appearing and the functionality made available via smartphones and tablets? During training courses I notice the number of tablets are starting to outnumber the notebooks the delegates bring with them. The future of online media is mobile and that is a fact.

youtube-artIf you look at the new YouTube One Channel Art as it is called, has been designed to have a single image based on very exact specifications that will appear as a banner on a desktop, a background and banner on a tablet and most impressively of all as a stunning visual look and feel on a Smartphone.  This already tells you that YouTube have a very clear idea of where the media is heading and are already catering for it.

mobile-appPlease do not misunderstand me, there is still a place for the traditional home-base website and will be for some time to come.  The secret is to get the best of both worlds so how does one do that?

There are some really clever applications being developed that take your normal online website and render them in a stunning mobile way.   One such application which is designed especially for WordPress CMS platforms is from Upp Site (click HERE to go to their website), they offer a free version that of course comes with some advertising on it but have a variety of affordable paid options.

Now what about having your own mobile app available in the various App Stores?  This was once a thing of the big boys who paid 1000’s of Dollars to have their own app developed and then the ongoing maintenance. Fortunately that world is changing as well and much more affordable shared solutions are available.  One of these is from Airbeem (click HERE to check them out) who have a wizard driven app where you can in literally 5 minutes have your own white label mobile app in place. It will cost you around $150 per month on a month by month basis and you can push content to your customers and they from the app can be encouraged through competitions, give-aways etc. to generate user content on your social media platforms. Well worth considering this kind of app to leverage yourself right up there in the mobile marketplace.

The mobile plane has taken off, make sure you are not waiting at the train station because your competitors will be miles ahead of you. The time for mobile is now!

Shawn Fouche
Shawn Fouche
A systems engineering background together with a creative flair for design, a solid understanding of business principles and an unquenchable desire to explore new online technologies. A career that has already spanned 36+ years and still going strong.

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