As a social media practitioner I get paid money to share my knowledge through training, coaching and implementation of strategies and plans.  Like most knowledge it is all out there in the public domain in one form or another and the likes of Google have made it even easier for us to access this information.

So what I know is what I have learnt through many hours of research, training and making endless mistakes. It is the latter we call experience, so in a way I get paid to teach people how not to make the same mistakes as I did.

A magician does not reveal his or her tricks but on occasion there is one who is prepared to share a bit of the magic and to let others have a glimpse of the inner world of their magic. I have decided I want to do that. I want to share with you and for free my knowledge around the things I find people ask me the most during my social media journey.

As with most things in life it all boils down to common sense and so much of what I share might be obvious to you believe me for the majority it is an opportunity to discover something new.  I read a lot of online material and do a lot of filtering in the sense that I only share the really meaty stuff on my page.  But how often do you see a Facebook status update that looks something like this:

facebook-links-1The content is great but there is this awful URL in the status box. This example is exaggerated because it is via an email, via a search and made it long. Of course you could use a short URL that would help. The point is we want the content below, the image and the title and source of the article we are sharing.

It simply looks yucky and detracts from anything visual you are trying to achieve.

The solution is in fact very simple.

facebook-links-2All you need to do is insert the URL, wait for the article to load below the status box and once it appears you simply delete the URL in the status box. The magic is that the article and title and link to the page remain in place.  Now you have a much better post that looks something like this:

So there is a simple bit of magic and a little secret to improve how your social media looks and appears to your community.  There will be plenty more such secrets revealed, so be sure to subscribe to notifications either on the blog by clicking here, or selecting notification updates from my Facebook Page under settings

Shawn Fouche
Shawn Fouche
A systems engineering background together with a creative flair for design, a solid understanding of business principles and an unquenchable desire to explore new online technologies. A career that has already spanned 36+ years and still going strong.

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