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To Google+ or not to +1 that is the question?


google-plus-seoGoogle while being a remarkable search engine not to be surpassed in a hurry has had their eye on Facebook for some time now. In fact probably a good few other social media platforms as well and over the years have with much fanfare but disastrous results tried to launch new social platforms of their own. Generally hybrids of what was already out there.

Back to the drawing board they went and reviewed their assets. One they have a massive database in terms of Gmail accounts. That was a good move to set up free email and it is only a question of time until they figure out a smart way to monetise it.  And believe it or not Google+ is just that vehicle for them.

So you ask why am I telling you all of this and not answering the question of if you should use Google+ or not?

The reason is that one of the big selling points was that if you were on Google+ it would help leverage your rankings on Google Search, you would not be spammed with adverts and they would never abuse the privilege of the millions and millions of users in Gmail. Despite all of this, the initial growth was pretty impressive as all the Geeks (like me) of the world signed up to check it out. There are people who really do like Google+ and use it effectively or blissfully go about using it not caring how effective it is.

google-launches-google-1-as-facebook-likeThe fact is when last did you hear someone say hey did you check those photos on Google+, have you should follow this page on Google+, in fact has anyone ever said anything about Google+ or asked you to +1 them (sounds like an arrestable offence if you ask me). The chances are no they have not.  So this begs the question if it does not have the general ‘street cred’ to coin a phrase do you have the time to plough into this platform just because you like it?  With social media it is about what your customer’s want where they are hanging out, the people placing the orders with you.

If that is Google+ then yes by all means be on there, but if not I would suggest you will be throwing your resources into a bottomless pit.  For now the Facebook’s, Twitter’s and LinkedIn’s of the world have the edge and you will derive far better return on invest with those than you will with Google+.

Having said that, it just takes one of the really big boys to embrace a technology and then we all follow like sheep. But for now Google+ remains pretty lonely out there in the pasture despite all the spin and quoting of stats we hear. Right now I say no, might it change in the future? I doubt it; something better will come along before then.

Shawn Fouche
Shawn Fouche
A systems engineering background together with a creative flair for design, a solid understanding of business principles and an unquenchable desire to explore new online technologies. A career that has already spanned 36+ years and still going strong.

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