27th Sep 2016

Money for nothin’ and your Facebook for free

The title might be some poor paraphrasing of the Dire Straits song but it immediately springs to mind each time I read or hear of people […]
22nd Sep 2016

To back-up or not to back-up, there is no question!

A number of years ago I had a Pastor in the church I was attending at the time when referring to backing up of documents and […]
3rd Jun 2013

Why hire me?

So just how is this a social media secret you may well ask?  As the saying goes, some things are sometimes the best kept secrets and […]
31st May 2013

Are you being ‘Liked’ into Oblivion?

‘What gets measured gets managed’ has been drummed into managers for ages so we have invented a whole new level of statistics, metrics, indicators or whatever […]
27th May 2013

What the Facebook are they doing?

Do you remember life before cell phones, sliced bread and a Big Mac Burger? Maybe you do but in 2013 we find it hard to imagine […]
24th May 2013

To Google+ or not to +1 that is the question?

  Google while being a remarkable search engine not to be surpassed in a hurry has had their eye on Facebook for some time now. In […]
23rd May 2013

QR Codes: Mobilizing your Business

This is the ‘Matrix’ reloaded for business and mobile business in particular.  When it first appeared on the scene some years ago I was really excited […]