Shawn Fouche


21st May 2013

Email Signatures and Print Media

The answer is yes! Yes! Yes! You must use every single opportunity you have to encourage people to join your community, to follow your links.  We […]
20th May 2013

SEO by Panda and Penguin

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is more commonly referred to must be one area of the most heated social media discussions I have had […]
17th May 2013

Mobile Mania

During a survey in 2012 it was established that there are around 180 active Facebook users in Pofadder!  If you thought that was impressive, around 20% […]
16th May 2013

Flying under the Radar

When I am either with a potential client or busy with coaching or training I spend a lot of time doing myth-busting. We live in an […]
15th May 2013

Facebook Links

As a social media practitioner I get paid money to share my knowledge through training, coaching and implementation of strategies and plans.  Like most knowledge it […]